Posted: Sep 24, 2018 10:19 am
by Macdoc
Ummm they don't fly 737s to Brisbane. I fly 787s with the same fuel efficiency per person as a Prius with four passengers aboard.

To sum up, Modern aircraft are remarkably fuel efficient and deliver lower fuel consumption per passenger than passenger cars. ... -aircraft/

I fly twice a year....about 28,000 that's equivalent of me driving a Prius for 7,000 km annually.

Total Car Footprint = 0.76 metric tons of CO2

A typical cost for rigorously certified offsets from reputable vendors is around $9–$15 USD per ton of CO​2​e (“CO​2​ -equivalent,” the standard unit of measure for greenhouse gases)

Passenger jets are in fact significantly more efficient than automobiles, if you measure on a passenger-mile basis.

And, if you’re worried about your personal carbon footprint, getting on a plane from New York to LA may actually put less carbon into the air than driving to work tomorrow. ... sins-worst

And I don't drive to work. My business is in my house.....and it's the same for one of my staff.

Our electric power is 99% carbon neutral with the occasional hot day fill from gas turbines,. We burn no coal.
I do have gas heat...with a 95% efficient furnace but that's still likely 6 -8 tons of carbon for heating but the computers add so much heat that it's likely much lower.