Posted: Feb 12, 2019 12:24 am
by SpeedOfSound
Thommo wrote:Not sure he was genuinely a troll, rather than a deluded true believer, albeit one a bit short changed in the intelligence department and so lacking the capacity to actually think about what he was discussing, if I'm honest.

Not really sad to see him go though, there's only so much repetition one can take.

I just did a few hundred posts exchange with this guy on Freethought Blogs - Atheist Experience thread. He is a troll but he is not trolling. His belief is trolling him and he is just kind of shitting it back out. A sort of a helpless conduit. Guy is sincere and he reminds me of the somebody that I was in my twenties. Just before 16 dark years of insanity and drug and alcohol abuse.

It is not possible for them to say anything positive about what it is they believe in. It's all negatives and paradoxes. I couldn't even get him to tell me exactly what it was about his belief that was incompatible with strict naturalism. He just deflects and wiki-linked me untill I got tired and quit asking. Banning him was probably an act of kindness. Like blowing your pets head off when they have a cancer.

This guy Sounds like he really fucking knows something but I'm 48 minutes in on this video and have poked around in some of his others. All I'm getting is promises and lots of talk about how all the other guys are wrong. WTF.

Anyway. it reminded me of my acid/zen/Watts/buddhist youth. There I was having chronic emergency room level panic attacks, suicidal depression, and the liquor of black angst. All I fucking wanted was some practical tips on how to feel better enough so I could take another motherfucking breath. Same thing. The Oneness. The Knowedness of it all. It's no wonder I finally settled on blackout drunk as a religion.