Posted: Apr 13, 2019 10:15 am
by Hermit
Thomas Eshuis wrote:Referring to being banned here:
I was banned from the RationalSkepticism forum because there were people there like yourself who are hell bent to dismiss things like this, to attempt to declare this as “not science” when it so obviously is. Jordan Peterson has commented on this sort of attitude, that atheists cringe whenever they intuit something that offends them, even if it’s legitimate science that’s taking place here. If you actually examine those posts there, you’ll find quite clearly that I did nothing wrong. It was simply a bunch of atheists that cried to the MODs to get me to leave. That was simply it. Nothing more, nothing less.

You must give Kaf 10/10 for energy and persistence, though. Between the 6th of January and the 12th of February he contributed 10s of thousands of words in the course of writing 300 posts.

Personally, I would not describe him as a troll. He did not post in order to provoke or upset other forum members. He was an utter raving, mad lunatic, though, utterly incapable of participating in actual discussion in any meaningful way, and displaying zero interest in anything other than riding his own particular hobby-horse.

The latter is made obvious by the fact that all of his posts are made in the Debunking section. and all but two of them are limited to contributing to two threads. The two exceptions were posted in the Climate Change Denial thread, and neither of them are actually about climate change. One argues that scepticism is inimical to actually doing anything. The other argues that morals without god are not moral.