Posted: Feb 02, 2020 10:06 pm
by Ken Fabian
Attributing 1C drop in temperature to the Maunder Minimum is and always was a huge stretch - more like a correlation and, in the absence of better understanding of prevailing conditions (which included volcanic eruptions in close succession, believed to have made a short running cooling feedback) was considered a possible and even probable explanation. Widely and popularly taken to be the explanation but understanding of past climate changes is far more sophisticated now than when that explanation emerged. Zharkova is quite shameless.

No surprise that a News Corp paper prints this nonsense as public concern about climate change continues to grow and rises in the list of voting priorities. When Mr Murdoch said there is no denial of climate change in his news organisation I think that was probably a bit of what I call disingenuous ambiguity... ("Oh, you thought I was talking about denial of Anthropogenic climate change!").