Posted: Mar 08, 2020 6:52 am
by Hermit
Colin Leslie Dean does not even have his own Wikipedia article, so who is interested in what he is up to?

He does get a mention in a Wikipedia article about the decadent movement, though.
Australia Like in America few prominent writers or artists in Australia were connected with the Decadent movement. The only Australian decadent poet Colin Leslie Dean has struggled to find an audience; this is perhaps because according to some Australian critics, i.e. C.J. Dennis Australia is a country of wowser and culturally detest the art forms of the fin de siècle. Colin Leslie Dean poems are very emotional they challenge conventional notions of decorum by using and abusing such tropes and figures as metaphor, hyperbole, paradox, anaphora, hyperbaton, hypotaxis and parataxis, paronomasia, and oxymoron. Deans poems produce copia and variety and cultivates concordia discors and antithesis – Dean uses these strategies to produce allegory and conceit. Deans work has been described as

    "Paraphrasing Baudelaire “When you think of what [Australian] poetry was before [Dean ] appeared and what a rejuvenation it [will undergo] since his arrival when you imagine how significant it would have been if he had not appeared how many deep and mysterious feelings which have been put into words would have remained unexpressed how many intelligent minds he...[will being into] is impossible not to consider him as one of those rare and providential minds who in the domain of [poetry] bring about the salvation of us all...”(“Victor Hugo Selected poems Brooks haxton Penguin Books 2002 p.xv) with his groundbreaking poems who knows which new Ko ‘Lin or kohl'in al-deen

Grammar and content-wise that's an atrociously badly written comment, but I don't care. From what I can tell it's about a nobody, and my curiosity about him is already exhausted.