Posted: Mar 09, 2020 8:11 pm
by OlivierK
I don't. I think that if jane had been here before, we'd have had this exact same bullshit before. Whoever is behind the Dean nonsense has been doing it for decades. As you can see from this, the schtick has never changed: ... 4&t=162638

Now, Australia has a proud tradition of literary hoaxes. We love us an Ern Malley, or are intrigued by a Helen Demidenko.

But the problem for "Colin Leslie Dean", is that whoever is behind trying to pull something similar is too witless, artless, and generally talentless to make a goer of it. Twenty years at the game, and all they've done is manage to bore people, even at some of the world's most boring sites like Yahoo Answers. I guess that could be considered a talent by someone with sufficiently low self-respect.