Posted: Mar 09, 2020 9:30 pm
by OlivierK
"Dean" styles himself as Australia's leading erotic poet (self-publishing through Gamahucher [French for "head-giver"] Press) and yet a thorough Google fails to show up a single interview or writers' festival appearance, nor (oddly for someone whose entire online existence is self-promotion) even a book-signing. Not that a fictional writer couldn't pull a book-signing, all you need is a bored uni student (harder, admittedly, if the fictional writer is older), but still, not even that. So there's a bunch of self-published tracts, but nothing else for the biography. He's never even been mentioned in an article in his own local paper.

The website that hosts his output is owned by three guys who seem to be using it mainly as a gaming server. My hunch is that their names are Colin, Leslie, and Dean. Or not. What we do know is that despite a bunch of people who precisely share his appalling writing style bigging him up on the internet, he's spent decades failing to get even the slightest traction with his material. And evidence from elsewhere is that this will get pushed here way past the point of becoming boring and annoying, should that be allowed.