Posted: Mar 09, 2020 9:45 pm
by OlivierK
laklak wrote:I suggest an Intro to Calculus course, Jane, to clear up your evident confusion.

No calculus required, just a short refresher on the decimal representation of fractions would do.

Jane (Dean)'s argument is:

8/9 is not an integer
9/9 is not an integer
but 9/9 = 1 which IS an integer.
OMG! Maths is a lie!!1!

In line 3, they've baldly claimed that their own premise in line 2 is false. Like most bullshit maths, it's self-debunking. Unlike better bullshit maths, the bullshit isn't buried deep enough to generate the slightest interest in finding it - it's right there in the open.