Posted: Mar 13, 2020 10:15 pm
by theropod_V_2.0
Well, copy machines existed then, but were not extant at my school. Hell, they were not even accredited until several years had past since I attended. I’m not sure what happened to my notes and papers from the latest Cretaceous. I think my mom may have done away with them in a fit of anger when she found out I was no longer a Christian. Most were trash, but my co-major papers in US history contained some seriously diligent effort. I just hope beyond hope that Nevets doesn’t go off on a troll fest about the Whiskey Rebellion. I wrote a term paper my instructor held up to the class as an example of “how it’s done” pertaining to that event. I’m not quite sure I could remain detached in such an event.

“primordial lava” :lol: