Posted: Mar 13, 2020 10:47 pm
by Spearthrower
Fallible wrote:Mine was a history lecturer. He inhabited an old building on top of the hill on campus, with other similarly sartorially challenged individuals in the History department. We called it the Kremlin.

In my first 1st year (I switched courses in no little part because of this) the course lecturer for Pre-Hellenistic Greek History was a right asshat. We had 2 lectures and 2 tutorials per week, and he scheduled them all for 9am. He told us the first day that it was intentional because too many students go out in the evening and they are here solely to study, so he wanted to make anyone who thought of going out pay for their choices. He had his tutorials in his private room that looked like something out of Hogwarts... massive high-backed armchairs around an open fireplace and always chose the most boring minutiae to witter on about in a monotonous tone for 2 hours. It was meant to be a tutorial class where, in all other courses, the students would discuss, raise questions etc., but in his it was another 4 hours a week to be lectured at about the comparative consistency of bricks in different city states. He very nearly made me hate history.