Posted: Mar 13, 2020 11:00 pm
by Spearthrower
Sendraks wrote:Quoting wikipedia and forming rational opinion are two completely different things.

Your posts neatly demonstrate that no amount of wikipedia quoting is going to help you form rational opinions. Thinking critically and rationally is a skill, separate from just quoting evidence. If you can't think rationally or critically, then no amount of evidence you quote is necessarily going to help you form rational views, especially if you are unwilling to challenge your confirmation bias.

This is manifestly true with Nevets.

The mere existence of Wikipedia is not helping him in the slightest, which shows you need some degree of reading comprehension, an ability to analyze and process information, the usually learned young ability to tell one thing from a different thing... a suite of - admittedly simple but apparently outside the grasp of Nevets - skills wholly independent of Wikipedia.

Reminds me of JJ and his spiel about how Google democratized knowledge and made it so that experts weren't needed anymore even while making a litany of absurd errors from searching Google that no expert would ever make.

But this guy makes JJ look like Einstein in comparison.