Posted: Mar 14, 2020 5:36 am
by Hermit
Fallible wrote:My favourite times were those when the lecturer would give you a list of indispensable books, central to his whole course, which you must buy, and which only later were discovered to have been out of print for a number of years. Then, when the lecturer was told this, he simply declared that it made no difference, and that he still expected you to find copies.


One of mine insisted we buy the fourth edition of Copi's Symbolic Logic. The only copy in Australia was the one the author had air-freighted to him. Someone at the Co-Op Bookshop informed me that the first batch of 400 copies was scheduled to reach our shores towards the end of the second trimester. The local branch had dabs on 60 of them.

We took turns borrowing copies of the third edition from the stack. There were eight of them and you could take them out for a fortnight at a time. The photocopying room was unusually well patronised.