Posted: Jun 15, 2020 5:43 pm
by JustStarDust
I re-found these recently. I've been meaning to upload them somewhere, and finally got around to editing them, cut out the adverts.

Red Elk sure does sound crazy, and out of his tree, but 'it's his tree'.
Is it wrong, that I want to believe him? Sure, it would be wrong to blindly trust every word he says. Such as 'you can fly, survive bombs' etc.

Each video / audio goes for about 2 hours. I've only seen one comment in the past saying he was a total fraud, and not even a native American. Totally possible, I have to keep my mind open - but at the same time, not trust everyone on the internet.

And yes, I've heard some very strange things on Coast to Coast am. I have this free app for my 'smart' phone called 'Simple Radio' (no, I'm not advertising it), and there's 2 stations which stream the show (The Ultimate Art Bell & The Very Best of Art Bell). I've also added radio stations from around the world because I appreciate various kinds of music, even if I don't know what the person is singing about. And also mainstream news & science programs.

Anyway, peace, love and all that good stuff.