Posted: Jun 16, 2020 10:50 am
by JustStarDust
Well, I'm not old yet. I know my time will come. I will lose the ability to do many things.
I don't reckon the amount of subs means very much. If we're going to go off numbers, then - atheists are doomed? No. Plus, we don't know what those 828k subs believe in. We don't know if any of those are sock accounts (fake accounts to boost numbers). Plus, if I had more subs than that - does that validate anything I post? No.
I may have a problem with being addicted to information. I'll quite happily sit & listen to hours of ramble by a crazy man, just on the off chance that something may spark my curiosity, even more. Not that it's good to do that & nothing else. One must get up, stretch, exercise, etc. Science tells us that even siting for more than 30 mins is worse then smoking, apparently.