Posted: Feb 07, 2021 2:05 pm
by Spearthrower
Pyrrho wrote:I know that i can't know if my mind is wrong. But i know that i thought that with my mind. I know nothing and i can't even know if i don't know nothing. What should i do lol. ... ifiability

Intersubjective verifiability is the capacity of a concept to be readily and accurately communicated between different individuals ("intersubjectively"), and to be reproduced under varying circumstances for the purposes of verification. It is a core principle of empirical, scientific investigation.

Make a hypothesis (can be informal) about the world - check to see whether it stands up to tests attempting to falsify it. Assuming confirmation, at this point, it's possible (although fairly implausible) that your mind could be fooling you. So, tell someone else your idea, have them see if they can reproduce the same results with tests they devise. If they can, you have found another mind which independently observes the same things as your mind. At this point, you should feel you can trust that particular produced quantity of your mind. If you don't, then you're venturing into solipsism which is self-defeating and absent utility.