Posted: Jun 05, 2021 8:30 pm
by truelgbt
BlackBart wrote:
truelgbt wrote:Most prophets are saying it will happen "very soon".

Whoa. Most of them eh? There's like a known number of prophets and over 50% are saying 'very soon' are they? Did they take part in a survey or something?

I did the counting since I have been following the whole thing recently, not that I know everything about the prophecies. I counted 50+ US prophets making the same prediction about the election overturn and Trump's return. The total number of 100+ worldwide prophets is the number that has been thrown in the conversations so I did not count this number. I also did not specifically count the number who said the election overturn will happen "very soon" but it is probably around 15 - 20. In any case, for an election overturn to be an overturn instead of a re-election, it would have to happen before the 2024 election.