Posted: Jun 05, 2021 9:29 pm
by Seabass
Ok, but how do the lizard men and George Soros fit into all this? :ask:

truelgbt wrote:The Trump Prophecies were pronounced mostly between 2006 and 2020 and consists of the following:
1) God will overturn the 2020 US presidential election, boot Biden and re-install Trump. Note: this will give Trump a 2nd CONSECUTIVE term. This overturn alone would be impressive since a US presidential election has NEVER been overturned. No date given on when it will happen but an election overturn requires this to be done before the next election. Most prophets are saying it will happen "very soon".
2) Election fraud will be exposed, showing Trump did indeed win by a landslide, just like many prophets predicted in 2020.
3) US military intervention will occur since a stolen election is treason and a coup 'd etat.
4) Mass arrests on Capitol Hill, with some attempting to flee the US. Many will turn on each other.
5) Whistleblowers will confess and there will be an attempt on their lives to silence them.
6) Senators, Congressman, judges including SCOTUS (John Roberts, etc.) attorney generals, governors, election officials, Board of Supervisors, even US postal workers will get arrested.
7) Internal components of the voting machines will prove external manipulation of voting tallies occurred.
8) Some politicians will die (Biden, etc.) and some on the same day.
9) Child trafficking and ritualistic sacrifice connected to prominent high society members will be exposed.
10) Both Democrats and Republicans will be arrested (but mostly Democrats). This will decimate the Democratic Party.
11) Mainstream media companies will be brought down for their censorship and misrepresentation on this topic.
12) Big Tech (Facebook, etc.) will also suffer losses due to censorship and collaboration with the election fraud.
13) Trump will return on Air Force One and be received with celebrations by the US military.
14) Ordinary citizens will be running and celebrating in the streets.
15) China and Italy will be implicated along with other foreign entities, making this election fraud an international incident.
16) Since there are over 20+ specific details given in the prophecy, this will not be construed as simply a coincidence.
17) Since the prophets are Christian prophets, this will give credence to Christianity rather than to Islam or Buddhism or some other religion.
Interestingly, over 1000 US pastors recently signed a multi-denominational document demanding the prophets to rescind their Trump Prophecies and to apologize. The earliest prophesies (2006-2014) declared Trump would have 2 consecutive terms as president and would be impeached. The most well known prophets are Kim Clement, Lance Wallnau, etc. among others.
Has anyone heard of the Trump Prophecies? What do you think? Do you know anyone who has discussed them in detail?