Posted: Jun 05, 2021 9:54 pm
by truelgbt
hackenslash wrote:My question is this:
1) How will we know if they're prophets?
2) What actually is a prophecy? Is it enough for a statement about the future to be shown to be true afterwards?
Didn't See That Coming!

Your questions are tough and I am not an expert but here are some components which must be present AFAIK:
1) Jesus said "You will know them by their fruits". The litmus test to see if a person is a Christian or a NONChristian is that they will do what Jesus said, such as "love your neighbor". For example, murderer = NONChristian. Bank robber = NONChristian. Dictator = NONChristian. Very simple test. This is how we know Hitler was not a Christian regardless of what claims he may have made about his religious beliefs (anybody can make a claim to be this or that). So we can look at the criminal record of a so-called "prophet" and easily know he is not a prophet or a Christian.

2) One caveat to the above is that a criminal can become a Christian AFTER having been a criminal for many years and has since amended his ways. This is where many people look at Trump's questionable past - questionable deals, womanizing, association with seedy characters like Jeff Epstein, etc. but may not be taking into account a "new" amended Trump. After all, Moses was a murderer and King David was a murderer and Paul was a murderer prior to their "conversions".

3) Whether a prediction comes true or not is another test, as you mentioned. However, the Bible contains many prophecies which were not fulfilled until centuries later, in which case we would not be alive to confirm the fulfillment of the prediction. For example, the Cyrus Prophecies of Isaiah 45 predicted a NONChristian king named Cyrus ("I will summon you by name...although you do not acknowledge Me") would rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and set the Jewish exiles free from Babylon ("I will raise up Cyrus...he will rebuild My city and set My exiles free...") was not fulfilled until about 200 years later. The prophecy was given at a time when Cyrus had not been born, the Jews were not in exile, and the Temple did not need any rebuilding because it was still intact and had not been destroyed yet. This prophecy is very connected to Trump because the Trump Prophecies says Trump will be used in similar ways as Cyrus to "rebuild" the USA into a God-fearing nation like it once was. A supposed confirmation is that Trump is the 45th president, same as chapter 45 in Isaiah.

4) This topic of coincidental or matching numbers (gematria) which many Christians view as God's way of making a statement comes into play, especially with Trump. Seven is a very prominent number in the Bible and is a sign of Godly completion. On the day of Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017, Trump's age was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days.
Addendum: There are 2 methods used to calculate this: If Trump's birthday is day one of life, Trump's inauguration date is used; if Trump's birthday is day zero, then Trump's 1st day in office (January 21) is used. See later posts on this discussion.

5) The well-known "prophetic" book "The Last President" written in 1896 by Ingersoll Lockwood, eerily foretold a "Baron Trump" (Trump's youngest son is named Barron) would become a populist president, had a hotel in New York City and lived in a building named after himself (Trump Towers?), and a huge march by protesters and the destruction of the Capitol would occur during his presidency, causing the downfall of the Republic.
Here is a Newsweek article on the book: ... ic-1561901
Here is Wikipedia's take on the novel:

6) Finally, a prophecy must come through a Bible-believer (not a soothsayer or fortune teller or prophet via another religion) who gives all the credit to the God of the Bible rather than to himself. Nostradamus failed in this regard. The event must also have a known purpose by God (judgment or blessing).