Posted: Jun 05, 2021 10:04 pm
by truelgbt
I forgot to mention (I have added a quick note on this to the OP), almost all of the prophets are saying the primary reason why God has allowed Biden to be at the White House this long (5-6 months so far) and did not allow Trump to "win" re-election immediately is because this is a time of exposure: for backstabbers of Trump and to expose the perpetrators of the election fraud. Since Trump has left office, many of his own cabinet members (those chosen by Trump himself) have made negative comments about Trump and/or denied election fraud. These people have been classified by Trump Prophecy believers as part of the "swamp" and this problem has persisted because Trump selected cabinet members who were largely long-time "establishment" politicians (old-timers rather than newcomers) who had worked on Capitol Hill for many years, and it is impossible to drain the swamp WITH the swamp.