Posted: Jun 05, 2021 10:49 pm
by hackenslash
truelgbt wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:Bat shit crazy, isn't it? Who, exactly, is going to "overturn" this election? None of the rest of that shit matters.

Who will overturn this last presidential election?

It won't be overturned. Trust me on this. Not happening.

The prophecy says it will be God Himself. Not Trump or any human effort. Per Trump prophecy, God allowed Trump's legal team to fail in overturning the election "results" to expose those who are complicit in the fraud, and also to expose those who would backstab Trump as soon as he left office. All prophecies are meant to turn our attention to God, not to men.

That would require that there were such a thing as prophecy. Sorry.

Also, when a US presidential election is "baked-in" by the certification of the Congress and Senate, and followed by an Inauguration, there is no turning this around under any circumstance. This is why an election overturn has never occurred in the USA in its history. If this prophecy of an election overturn is fulfilled (including all 20+ details of the prophecies), it will be a very big deal on so many levels. And it will have had the in-advance backing of over 100+ Christian prophets around the world (50+ in the USA alone by my count).

The "purpose" for this prophecy and its events is because God wants to honor the founders of America who dedicated this nation to Him and to start a great worldwide spiritual "revival" where many will become Christians when they witness the fulfillment of the prophecies. There is something impressive about a prophecy coming true for an event which has never happened before, much less all 20+ details of that prophecy. This would be too much to simply write-off as 20+ coincidences happening together. Also, most founders of nations apparently do not dedicate their nations to God but to other deities and to themselves and their people but not to the God of the Bible.

The final hallmark of the Trump Prophecies is that the general population and the world (since all eyes are on America) will perceive the election overturn as "God's intervention". How this will work out exactly, I do not know and this detail has not been given, so far as I know. All I know is that it has been showcased as "The Greatest Show on Earth to Come".

See, you've presented this as a question, but it's clear you believe it, want it, even. If your god exists (he doesn't) and really wants the cheeto-faced fucktrumpet in charge, then he's a cunt. Of course, he provably doesn't exist, so there's that.