Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:28 am
by Spearthrower
truelgbt wrote:Is this normal behavior for an atheist or just hackenslash? Here are just a few quotes from him in the past hour:
a) "What a cuntishly dishonest thing to say. I need no fucking explanation, fuck you very much."
b) "If your god exists (he doesn't) and really wants the cheeto-faced fucktrumpet in charge, then he's a cunt."
c) "Ram that directly into the rectal sphincter from which it was extracted."

Yes, we can read his remarks, no need to direct us to them.

truelgbt wrote:These are all hallmarks of an atheist, at least one who needs emotional healing of sorts.

Alternatively, it might just be that there's something deeply fishy about your posts, like you're lying to us, and Hackenslash has no time for dishonesty.

Of course, it's got fuck all to do with atheism outside of any undisclosed bigotry motivating you.

truelgbt wrote:This is why other atheists have to title their blogs and Youtube channels: "Friendly" Atheist, "Happy" atheist, "Joyful" atheist, etc.. People know this - the name-calling, cussing profusely, etc. and want to run as far away as possible from anyone who calls themselves an atheist.

Concern troll is concerned and trollish.

truelgbt wrote:Notable, no other atheist will step-in to stop the name-calling, cussing, etc.
Is there an unwritten rule among atheists to not correct each other?

Oh if Hackenslash was actually wrong, then many people would happily step up and correct him, and in turn, Hackenslash would welcome the correction, as he's motivated by what's true.

You, on the other hand, have dumped a load of offal here and played silly buggers - you're playing silly buggers now with this prejudiced shit against atheists.

My guess is that Hackenslash's comments have just caused what would otherwise have taken a few more posts to arrive at: exposing that your motivations are not honest - something that I felt too.