Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:30 am
by truelgbt
Spearthrower wrote:Cite sources, please.

Do you mean the sources for the Trump Prophecies?

They have been all over the internet since it's start around 2006. I do not know everything about the prophecies but here is a nutshell of what I do know - here are the names of the more prominent prophets :
1) The initial prophet was Kim Clement (Trump will become president, have 2 consecutive terms, and will be impeached).
2) Lance Wallnau (Trump will become president).
3) Mark Taylor (Mark Taylor concentrates his prophecies on the coming military tribunals for the crime of treason in the election fraud/coup 'd etat).

Put their names in the YouTube search bar if you want to see the videos.

There are many many more prophets making the same general predictions. I found all 50+ prophets predicting the election overturn on YouTube. I will not be linking them here but just naming some of them. You can easily search them on YouTube if you are truly interested.