Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:36 am
by Spearthrower
truelgbt wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:Cite sources, please.

Do you mean the sources for the Trump Prophecies?

The sources from whence you are making statements about these supposed Trump prophecies.

truelgbt wrote:They have been all over the internet since it's start around 2006.

So when asked to cite a source, you reply 'the internet'?

truelgbt wrote: I do not know everything about the prophecies but here is a nutshell...

Yeah, this is exactly contrary to what I asked you - I didn't ask to hear you make more declarations I am supposed to take as gospel - I asked you to cite your sources.

truelgbt wrote:
Put their names in the YouTube search bar if you want to see the videos.

Or, you know, you can cite them considering this is your claim and your obligation to do the leg-work.

truelgbt wrote:There are many many more prophets making the same general predictions.

Assertion: cite your sources, please.

truelgbt wrote: I found all 50+ prophets predicting the election overturn on YouTube.

Person on YT says X =/= prophet

truelgbt wrote: I will not be linking them here but just naming some of them. You can easily search them on YouTube if you are truly interested.

Well, if you expect anyone here to show any interest -or more importantly BELIEF - in your claims, then you will cite them. Otherwise, how are we to know that these really exist outside of your mind, rather than simply you making stuff up as you go along?