Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:40 am
by hackenslash
truelgbt wrote:1) The initial prophet was Kim Clement (Trump will become president, have 2 consecutive terms, and will be impeached).

Not a prophecy. Already falsified by reality. Another term is in progress and, in the massively unlikely event that something happened to Biden's presidency, Harris would be president.

2) Lance Wallnau (Trump will become president).

Given that Trump was alredy on the campaign trail when this purported prophecy was made, it hardly counts a prophetic. There's a famous old bunco con about the predicting of the sex of a child. If you only spend a tiny bit of time thinking about it, it isn't at all impressive.

You can easily search them on YouTube if you are truly interested.

I'm not remotely interested. My interest is in debunking whatever excrement makes it past your head and out of your rectum onto the forum.