Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:45 am
by truelgbt
Spearthrower wrote:Oh if Hackenslash was actually wrong, then many people would happily step up and correct him, and in turn, Hackenslash would welcome the correction, as he's motivated by what's true.

I see. So if someone says something which is construed as false, the proper atheist retort is: "Ram that directly into the rectal sphincter from which it was extracted." ??? Your answer actually reinforces the reputation that atheists use name-calling, cussing, etc. as a normal part of discourse with those they disagree strongly with.

Nothing better than one atheist justifying another atheist's name-calling, cussing, etc.. And this is why atheists preach on things like morality, knowing what morality is without God, adhering to standard mores of society - which apparently includes name-calling, cussing, etc.

Hence the need for other atheists to title their YouTube channel as "Friendly" atheist, "Happy" atheist, etc.. as a sort-of "we won't bite you here on this forum even though other atheists are well-known to name-call and cuss you out on other atheist forums"

Nice. Real nice. Gotta love the irony.