Posted: Jun 06, 2021 12:59 am
by hackenslash
truelgbt wrote:I see. So if someone says something which is construed as false, the proper atheist retort is: "Ram that directly into the rectal sphincter from which it was extracted." ???

First, no. That's a purely hackenslash response, not an atheist response. Sometimes-imitated, and many butts hurt, but it's all me. Oh, and there's nothing proper about me.

Second, let's have a look at this lie properly, shall we, because this is the motherlode of dishonest cuntishness. Did I say that in response to something I disagreed with? Shall we have a look?

You're upset so maybe its time for a time out. I will discuss this with you later. Have a good rest of your day.

Oh, look at that. Lying again. Not disagreeing with you, responding to your snivelling, weaselly attempt at poisoning the well by painting me as emotionally compromised. You can ram this bollocks back into your noisome anal cavity as well.

Your answer actually reinforces the reputation that atheists use name-calling, cussing, etc. as a normal part of discourse with those they disagree strongly with.

Where did I call you names? Confident I didn't. When I call people names, they fucking know about it, because I do it very deliberately and calculatedly. The mods will tell you how close I've skirted to the line over my tenure here.

Nothing better than one atheist justifying another atheist's name-calling, cussing, etc.. And this is why atheists preach on things like morality, knowing what morality is without God, adhering to standard mores of society - which apparently includes name-calling, cussing, etc.

What the fuck is this about atheists? This has nothing to do with atheism, and everything to do with your despicable discursive behaviour and the dangerous turd you're selling.

Dunno what the fuck morality and god have to do with any of that, not least because they have exactly nothing to do with each other. Morality is a product of evolution in a social species.

Hence the need for other atheists to title their YouTube channel as "Friendly" atheist, "Happy" atheist, etc.. as a sort-of "we won't bite you here on this forum even though other atheists are well-known to name-call and cuss you out on other atheist forums"

I don't ever paint myself as friendly in this manner. However, if you're honest and straightforward, that's what you get in return. You earned every bit of the responses you've had with your lying, your unwarranted condescension (trust me, you're not in a position to condescend to me; I've eaten smarter and better-informed than you before I've even had my first sip of morning coffee) and the dangerous mindvirus you're shilling for with this JAQing off and concern trolling.

Nice. Real nice. Gotta love the irony.

is that the Alanis Morissette version of irony? Of course it is, because you wouldn't now irony if it rammed an incandescent branding iron sufficiently far up your arse to emblazon the insides of your eyelids with the word 'irony'.

The only thing about that song that was remotely ironic was that there wasn't a single example of irony cited in it.

You want nice, earn it. You earned this, and you get what you pay for. I aim to give value for money.