Posted: Mar 07, 2010 9:21 am
by rainbow
byofrcs wrote:
Isn't this is where the mackinawite surfaces (proposed in the iron-sulphur world and using GA3P and DHAP) come into play because thus we have routes to an autocatalytic set ?.

Perhaps, but I'm not that familiar with the iron-sulphur or transition metal-sulphide worlds. Do you have any full papers on this?
The presence of large volumes of the surfaces would allow the concentrations even in the adverse conditions of the pre-biotic environment (e.g. acidity in sea and ultraviolet).

You are saying a great deal in very few words!
A surface can increase concentration through adsorbtion by VanderWaals, or other electrostatic forces. That may however immobilise the reagents, rather than promote further reactions. Sometimes the reverse reaction can take place - desorbtion as a result of changes in pH, temperature, etc. Interesting.