Posted: Mar 09, 2011 3:35 pm
by Apollonius
So what if insulin resistance is something that just somehow exists with no proven explanation for it? Maybe it was always there.

Then what happens when those people got caught up in the low fat diet craze starting in the 1970s? Food companies piled on the sugar, and said, "eat up, no fat!"

The next diet craze after that was low carb. Why? Maybe the percentage of people that had insulin resistance and didn't know it were the hardest hit by the increased sugar, thanks to low fat.

They respond well to low carb, and become low carb true-believers.

Look at the diet guidelines that come from professional and government authorities and see if any one them even mention screening for insulin resistance before they start giving people advice.

I think the official low fat advice from the 70s neglected this and created a lot of problems for some people without them knowing it.

People are still arguing, and studies that don't take this into account may just be crap.