Posted: Apr 27, 2011 7:25 pm
by Shrunk
HAJiME wrote:I've encountered an argument against homosexuality on the basis of it's health risks.

I'd have liked to counter it by pointing out the health risks of being religious, but when I googled.... I mostly found the opposite. Despite the fact that by country, few countries with monotheistic religion are near the top of the leaderboard for happiness, life expectancy and they dominate the top of the crime one.

So yeah, DO homosexuals and atheists live shorter lives, really? And anything else that may help...


I don't know about any research demonstrating whether theism or atheism has any effect on longetivity. However, it seems a pretty consistent finding that regular church attendance is correlated with a longer lifespan. Just believing in God by itself seems to do little if you don't attend regular religious services. ... t%20al.pdf