Posted: Jan 07, 2012 12:21 pm
by Doubtdispelled
nunnington wrote:
But by using the term 'babble', I assume you are saying that you cannot take these issues seriously, nor do you expect to be taken seriously? I suppose it's a fair exchange.

I used the term 'babble' not only because it's a common term here for the book which, according to most theists, is supposed to contain the 'truth' about god and Jesus, plus all the guidance we will ever need in order to be accepted into 'heaven', but also because it does appear to be nothing but babble. Written by people who, according to GakuseiDon, feel free to put words into the mouths of the characters they are writing about. Words that are supposed to be those of the messiah. You know, the son of god.

Obviously then, it follows that if a 'believer' feels free to tell us that, then I feel free to call it the babble.

As for being taken seriously by those who 'believe', who gives a stuff?