Posted: Jan 25, 2012 12:24 am
by proudfootz
Byron wrote:"What Carrier fails to do is match his chart to the land."

And what's that supposed to mean, if anything?

Afraid ya fucking missed it, proudfootz. A message, delivered with a cuss.

Yeah, if that's supposed to be an 'argument' I'm afraid it made no fucking sense whatsoever.

proudfootz wrote:... help would-be historians ...

Like Dick Carrier. He's never held an academic position in his life.

Not all historians need to work in academia (except in some Bizarro World) - he's trained as a historian and I'm not sure if he doesn't have better qualifications than many of his online critics do.

I've yet to see a scrap of original research post-PhD.

Who gives a flying fuck about what you have or haven't read?

It's irrelevant. :coffee: