Posted: Jan 25, 2012 1:23 am
by proudfootz
Byron wrote:You pony up some peer-reviewed historical research by Dick Carrier then, proudfootz.

Richard Carrier does seem to have some background in history:

Columbia University (New York, NY)

Ph.D. (Ancient History) October 2008

Dissertation: “Attitudes Toward the Natural Philosopher in the Early Roman Empire (100 B.C. to 313 A.D.)”
Committee: W.V. Harris, R. Billows, M.L. Jones, G. Williams, K. Vogt

M.Phil. (Ancient History) May 2000
Majors: Greco-Roman Philosophy, Religion, and Historiography
Examiners: W.V. Harris, R.S. Bagnall, R.A. Billows, A.D.E. Cameron

M.A. (Ancient History) June 1998

University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

B.A. (major in History with a minor in Classical Civilization) June 1997

There's more:

Association of Ancient Historians
American Philological Association
History of Science Society
Phi Beta Kappa Society

Columbia University President’s Fellowship 1998—2001
Catherine S. Sims Fellowship in History 1999—2000
Richard Hofstadter Fellowship 1997
Highest Distinction in General Scholarship (UC Berkeley) 1997
Dean’s List (UC Berkeley) 1995—1997
Outstanding Scholarship Award in Anthropology (Ventura College) 1995

Sounds like he's quite accomplished in comparison with the anonymous internet cranks who vilify him.

Still, any reasoned arguments about historian Richard Carrier's paper?

You know, the one where he explains how the Bayesian Map fits the Historical Territory. :coffee: