Posted: May 05, 2012 8:11 am
by angelo
Corky wrote:
proudfootz wrote:
Corky wrote:
proudfootz wrote:Naturally the various HJ hypotheses are not only in competition with each other and the various MJ hypotheses, they are also in competition with the null hypothesis.

AFAICT no MJ or HJ theory has been able to make an unquestionable case because of the nature of the evidence.

See, the trick is you have to understand the bible and HJers understand it better than the other 38,000 sects of Xianity.

While the HJ community is not necessarily a christian cult, it is an interesting parallel that the early christians believed they understood jewish scripture better than the jews. The 'good news' about Jesus was hidden from the jews in scripture and finally revealed to people like Paul.

There isn't a thing that Jesus said or did that didn't come from pre-existing scripture and, for some strange reason, that's the only place Jesus does actually exist. Everything else is simply presumption based on hearsay. Christians didn't even know when Jesus supposedly lived until the destruction of the temple. Then it was easy (using scripture) to figure it out. It all happened in that one scriptural 40 year generation.

Paul also never says that his Jesus was just recently on earth. He says stuff all about him. What he was like, what he ate, was he married, nothing. Paul's Jesus was a heavenly being.