Posted: May 07, 2012 5:33 pm
by IgnorantiaNescia
Evan Allen wrote:If you are going to bring up Occam's razor, IgnorantiaNescia, you are going to have to do the math for us. So please, show us your math that postulates fewer entities in the case of the HJ than in the case of the MJ.

1. It was angelo who brought it up, without doing any math. Perhaps you should first check this through with him.

2. Occam's Razors cannot be used to explain away historical facts or entities strongly defended by the available evidence, the existence of oral story tellers and collectors in the Roman Empire and the existence of gospel writers in your list for example would be more or less facts. On the other hand, artificial attempts to circumvent those facts tend to result in bonus useless entities. So I'd disagree with your suggested method, but I'll play along for this post.

3. A conspiracy of relevant scholars or their enormous incompetence coupled with the Mythicist "explanations" to remove the evidence and all the mythical entities they postulate should be enough to count well over your "five entities". But anyway, copying your suggested list for the historical Jesus:

Historical Jesus: Historical Jesus, followers of Jesus in Palestine, Oral story tellers throughout the Roman Empire, collectors of oral stories from throughout the empire, gospel authors

Mythical Jesus: Gospel writers, fictional kinship or unattested group of "brothers of the Lord", necessary scholarly incompetence/conspiracy, interpolations, weird readings, unattested belief in a crucified Messiah before Jesus, reference to Nazareth alongside attempts in later Gospels to suggest Jesus was born in Bethlehem

I already count seven, happy now?