Posted: May 07, 2012 11:22 pm
by proudfootz
IgnorantiaNescia wrote:
proudfootz wrote:
What's your point about Thompson?

No one is claiming anyone should take Thompson's word for anything simply because he's an 'authority'.

Thompson is a biblical scholar who's written a book relevant to the topic we're here to discuss. :coffee:

Good. My point about him is that he is as an amateur on the life of Jesus - and as a result not much of an 'authority' on it at all.

So what? No one is making the argument from authority regarding Thompson.

You sound like we should have just junked Einsteins physics because he wasn't an authority on physics but a patent clerk when he wrote his ground-breaking papers. :crazy:

Pity there was no one around to denounce Einstein as 'insane' because he didn't hold a teaching post... :drunk: