Posted: Jul 13, 2012 6:33 am
by cupper3
jerome wrote:............


Tom Harpur has poularised this stuff again recently in his book The Pagan Christ - I would read W Ward Gasque's review if you want a consideration of his case. If you still need convincing it's rot, look at Grenme's brilliant analysis here. He goes through and demolishes each of the purported Jesus-Horus connections.

Did you actually read Harpur's book? Harpur is a theologian who taught theology at the University of Toronto. He has many references in his book, including the works of Massey and Kuhn. To describe it as rot, based on a review, does not indicate an deep understanding of Harpur's discussions.

You describe the worship of Mithras as only occurring in Rome, yet Mithras is a strong part of the Zoroastrian religion, and there is some indication that Cyrus the Great was a proponent. That would predate Christianity by many centuries.

(Yes, I know this is an old thread being revived... it needs more discussion :smile: )