Posted: May 21, 2013 4:38 pm
by Shrunk
zulumoose wrote:Simple to knock this down (like the cross falls at the end :-) )

Freedom of religion requires participation to be voluntary, otherwise it is not freedom.

Nobody declared you cannot pray in schools, the law says you cannot force prayer sessions on everyone, because this REMOVES freedom of religion, it makes religion something FORCED.

Once you understand that, think again what is implied by the one kid who said with a clenched fist, that nobody would DARE to not recite the pledge. If that is what you want to return to, then you do not want freedom of religion. It is that simple.

A point of clarification: It is not whether the prayer is voluntary that crosses the constitutional line, but whether it amounts to an endorsement from the state of a religious position. If the school organizes a prayer session, and allows students to opt out if they wish, that is still unconstitutional.