Posted: Jul 20, 2013 4:45 am
by dejuror
lpetrich wrote:
angelo wrote:An assembly that was later named a "church." The letters of Paul are addressed to these "assemblies."

I went to Blue Letter Bible - Home Page and searched for "church". It's a translation of ekklêsia, Strong's Concordance G1577, and it literally means "assembly (of people)", as angelo said. The English word "church" is from Greek kuriakê (roughly "the Lord's thing").

Since there is not much evidence of houses of worship in the New Testament, it's likely that the "churches" in it were most like present-day "house churches", groups of people who would meet in their houses or in open areas, like what Pliny the Younger described.

Pliny the younger did not describe the Jesus cult. Pliny seem to have no idea what the "Christians" believed c 110 CE and had to Torture some of them to find out.

If the Jesus cult originated for about 100 years before Pliny and was established in the Roman Empire since the supposed time of Pilate then we would not expect Pliny to have tortured Christians to find out what they believed.