Posted: Jul 24, 2013 3:50 am
by RealityRules
spin wrote:The evidence is clear to me of an [early] Paul adapted to later christianity.

I can agree there is a strong likelihood the Pauline writings were adapted to [later] christianity, but there are several other issues -
    * whether all the Pauline epistles were written by one person or one group/school, or are a collated collection from several difference sources; &
    * whether some of or all the Pauline writings were about an early gnostic tradition that likely preceded or started concurrently with an early christian theology
It is possible the Pauline writings were, like the canonical gospels, developed over a considerable period of time; even over decades or over 2 or more generations

edit: It is possible some of them were developed before the first century.

What seems clear is that reference to the Pauline writings do not appear before the mid-late 2nd C.

What does not seem clear is how reliable the messages in the Pauline epistles are [add] or how much they reflect developing theology before or when they were incorporated in the canon.