Posted: Aug 13, 2013 6:42 pm
by HomerJay
Funeral eulogies are to be banned in one of the largest Catholic dioceses in the Republic of Ireland.

Bishop Smith said he wanted to avoid "dumbing down" at Catholic funeral services and that the focus should be on the Mass.

Father Derek Derby of the diocese of Ashbourne is one of those who will be expected to follow the new directive.

He said that he would support the policy as it similar to what they have been working within the diocese for the last 15 years.
'Integrity of Eucharist'

"The context of the funeral Mass in the church should be focused entirely on the celebration of the Eucharist," he said.

"What were trying to do is focus on the essence of the Christian funeral rite.

"The essence is, of course, two things. One is to support the family, through prayer and the community, but also the other function of it is that we support the person on their journey to salvation.

"What we are trying to do then is maintain the integrity of the Eucharist.