Posted: Sep 20, 2013 9:09 am
by Scar
DarthHelmet86 wrote:
Scar wrote:
laklak wrote:I'm beginning to believe the Ray Comfort is actually the world's greatest and longest running Poe. There is no possible way that anyone with enough brain cells to string together a coherent sentence can believe the stuff he comes up with. This is one of his best, it ranks up there with the Banana Proof of God's Existence.

I've long ago come to that conclusion. That man is no idiot. He's milking idiots and he's prepared to spout whatever bullshit to do so.

This indeed, Bananaman has a very very good business telling people what they want to hear and sometimes he needs to get out on the news sheets again so that people don't forget to buy his shit. The guy is a con artist who believes his own stupid shit.

I don't even think he believes it himself. Not anymore at least.