Posted: Sep 23, 2013 4:30 pm
by Sovereign
I was living in St. Louis for years (moved now :( ) but I still keep up with people I know there and I ran across this article posted on Facebook. I think that when most people think of "American Christianity", they think of the suburban affluent church or the Southern Baptists style but forget that there are other (segregated) aspects of Christianity here in the US. I know there was a thread on black atheists a while back and the topic of the church in the black community came up but it wasn't discussed much at length. I found this article to be pretty enlightening. Enjoy :grin:

I'm going to start this off by saying I hate Pastor Kerney and Peter Popoff.

I hope a vicious heart attack sneaks it's way into Kerney's body and leaves this spineless bastard dead on the hospital stretcher. Any joker that plays on peoples intelligence like he does deserves to die the most painful death possible. Oh but wait, apparently he can cure AIDS just by speaking in tongues, so who the hell am I to talk down about the man of God?

And In my opinion, Peter Popoff is the devil himself, seeking comedic relief by going to church every Sunday. His wife is a demon and he's the devil; I truly believe this. Black people eat this mess up and Peter laughs his way to the bank. My father kept the TV glued to Benny Hinn despite the fact that he was blatantly full of crap. Hinn grossed $100 million a year in his prime. Continued... ... oiting.php