Posted: Oct 09, 2013 6:33 pm
by willhud9
I've read that book and did a Bible study on it.

It's taboo against premarital sex, masturbation, etc is based on the one scripture verse which says to flee from sexual sin found within Corinthians. If we understood the context Paul was talking in, which he can, we'd discover that the Corinthians were people who engaged in orgies, prostitution, and a wide array of sexual debauchery and Paul was urging the Corinthian church to set themselves apart from the people by refraining from it throwing upon the imagery of the temple and the body being one.

Very poetic, but hardly a definitive statement for everyone to follow as we see elsewhere in Paul he is against legalistic applications of the law in regards to a persons faith. He says if a person does something in faith and confidence of God than he or she is blessed, but those who do things in doubt sin and those who cause a brother to stumble sin. Romans 14.

Now did Paul disagree with premarital sex? Probably as it was a cultural thing that a woman should be pure when she comes to her husband. But as we have advanced in our culture and age we realize that aside from STD's a woman losing her virginity does not somehow blemish her in any way. She can still be as "pure" when she was as a virgin, despite her having lost her virginity. Notice I am talking about a woman? Because historically speaking, if a man did it discreetly he could dip his wick without punishment or chastisement. Double standard much.

Their whole spiel on masturbation is obnoxious. The health benefits of masturbation far outweigh their weak spirtual argument taken from the quote of Jesus of "he whom lusts after a woman has committed adultery in his heart." Aside from the fact that most English translations incorrectly translate gynae as woman in this case when its context is adultery and the tenth commandment (coveting your neighbour's wife) is a big problem of this. The word gynae can also be translated as wife. "He whom lusts after another man's wife has committed adultery in his heart." It makes more sense also in the overall message of Jesus. Anger at another is the same as killing, make your yes mean yes and no mean no so you don't swear falsely, do not lust after another man's wife so you don't commit adultery, etc.

I think the part which really blew my mind was their talk on nocturnal emissions being a gift from God to help men not masturbate. :crazy:

Their spiel on pornography is over the top obsessive. If I were to watch a movie about porn addiction:

Oh wait I did and it was amazing and a lot better than this book/film.