Posted: Oct 20, 2013 9:40 pm
by quisquose
Just been listening to last week's Atheist Experience.

#835: Matt Flies Solo

Towards the end some guy makes the statement that "Slavery is inconsistent with who God is".

Matt's response seems to suggest that he disagrees:

How can they possibly say that? If the only thing that we know of what God reportedly is, is this book that describes his character and portrays what his commandments are, what his wishes are. How can anybody possibly claim that this is inconsistent?

People try to claim that he’s just a loving God, well the entire Old-Testament is pretty much a comedy of God’s errors and anger.

He creates two people, sticks them in a garden in the most absurd situation, says don’t eat from this tree. I realise he was probably a first time parent in this scenario, but I think even the dumbest parent would know what was going to happen there. So he has to punish them and exile them. Then the whole world goes to hell shortly thereafter, and so he picks out the most righteous man and his family and decides to build a ridiculous boat, which isn't seaworthy, and couldn't hold all the animals, and then he’s going to flood and kill everything except for this family, at least if you go for global flood which we know scientifically just is absurd and no other civilisations seemed to notice this global flood, so it must have been a local flood which doesn't actually solve the problem of sin.

And then right after Noah you've got a couple of hundred years where they do this massive population growth and they’re building a tower of Babel, which I don’t know why a God would be the slightest bit bothered, this was clearly the mindset of the these ancient people that God lives somewhere up in the sky, even though modern theologians say that’s not it at all because clearly we can travel to the moon, I don’t know if we waved to God when we went past, and that fails and falls apart so then God decides instead trying to save everybody he’s just going to pick out his one favourite tribe that happened to be enslaved, I'm pretty sure they should have realised there was a problem with slavery, and goes through this incredible scenario of we’re going to give all these plagues and every time Pharaoh wants to actually let them go God comes down and specifically hardens his heart so that he can show off a bit more, “I want you to let them go but I'm not going to let you make that...”, he violated Pharaoh’s free will, it’s explicitly there, he hardened Pharaohs heart so that he couldn't do it, gets all the plagues out of the way, then these 3 million Jews, for which there’s no evidence that they were ever in Egypt, and if they held hand to hand they would have stretched from Egypt to Canaan in the first place, they’re led across ... all these miracles and everything else, miracles that would WOW anybody living today, they get to Mount Ararat and Moses is gone for 40 days and then these guys say “screw that God we’ll make another one!”.

This guy can’t do anything right. And yet he specifically chose this universe, where he knew he was going to have to keep failing and keep killing, and keep failing and keep killing, until he picked out his own little special group and send them around to keep failing and keep killing.

And then there’s this empty period, and he decides “you know what, I'm going to take human form, come down sacrifice myself to myself, to act as a loophole for rules that I created that I can’t circumvent”.

I mean, it is logically absurd.