Posted: Oct 21, 2013 1:41 pm
by Blackadder
chairman bill wrote:But blindly following the rules of God frees you from having to think. Thinking is slavery. Religious fuckwittery sets you free

CB, you have no idea how close your parody is to the actuality. I have sat and listened to a mullah tell a study group that unbelievers are trapped in a void without morality, ethics and social constructs and so they have to exert constant effort to define these principles for themselves, then the sand shifts under their feet and they have to reinvent them all over again. They are therefore prisoners of the void and condemned to run on this wheel until they die and then realise too late that they were deluded. Whereas the believer is set FREE by Allah's divine wisdom and doesn't have to think about this stuff as it is handed to him/her on a plate (or in a book). Seriously, with a straight face.

I was trying not to look like: