Posted: Oct 28, 2013 12:48 am
by Byron
Moonwatcher wrote:Yes, it boggles my mind how people can read the Bible and then say slavery is not consistent with who the biblical god is.

But its the same selective thought processes that allow them to believe in the mythology they happened to grow up on to begin with.

Good ol' cognitive dissonance/confirmation bias.

We know that slavery is very, very wrong, therefore of course God must condemn it also. (There's a smattering of hardcore Christians who put dogma above all and defend slaveholding. Bravo, I guess. :yuk: ) How do we know it? Thousands of years of experience and ethical development The Bible tells us so. Even though it appears to support slaveholding. Thanks to our painstaking eisegesis exegesis, we know that, when Paul and "Peter" told slaves to obey their masters, good and bad, what they really meant was ...