Posted: Nov 11, 2013 12:59 pm
by Veida
wakawakawaka wrote: Christian civil government does not come into being through a revolution or phys
ical violence. A nation will not become Christian until the majority of the
people are converted to Christ. This may be centuries in the future. Becoming a Christian nation is a bottom up not a top down affair. Rushdoony writes, “The key is regeneration, propagation of the gospel, and the conversion of men and nations to God’s law. Meanwhile, the existing laworder must be respected, and neighboring law-orders must be respected as far as is possible without offense to one’s own faith.”Second, in a Christian state (as noted earlier),it is not illegal to be an unbeliever. One can be an atheist, animist, Hindu or anything one pleases.Personal belief and private practice are not civil crimes.
This is clearly false, judging from history. There were nations that became christian because the king or emperor became christian, and there were christian nations where it was in fact illegal for citizens to be anything other than christian.