Posted: Dec 18, 2013 6:06 am
by willhud9
CharlieM wrote:
The gods don't have different creation stories, people do. Separate cultures have various creation stories with many common themes running through them. As I previously wrote: I'm sure you've heard of the blind men and the elephant, but if you haven't, google it. The stories may vary but the subject remains the same.


Israel's creation story matches many Mesopotamian creation stories. This by no means suggests that Israel's creation story is somehow superior, or the God presented is the only God.

As cultures blend, ideas are shared and things change. This can even be traced anthropologically and doesn't need a woo-filled explanation. The early Grecian people were fishermen, sailors, and merchants, their mythos was developed from a blend of Egyptian, Germanic, and Mesopotamian cultures, with Grecian flair. Israel adopted its mythos in a similar fashion.

No serious scholar of world history could sit there and say that the religions of the world all formed in relation to the mythos of one religion which did not form or become officially organized until at most the 10th century BCE.