Posted: Jan 09, 2014 9:38 am
by Aca
Vatican and Pope Francis Seek New Demon Exorcists

The Catholic Church says it's dealing with a spike in Satanic worship by training a growing team of specialized priests to keep the devil at bay.

A new push to train priests in Italy and Spain to perform the mysterious rite of exorcism could rid these two Catholic countries of their demons—or at least confront a growth in occult worship.

Taraborelli, who says he performs up to 100 exorcisms some weeks, is part of a new training program in Italian Catholic churches designed to teach priests called to this particular specialization. Similar programs have been launched in Spain and Malta, where a spike in devil-worshiping practices has caused concern among Catholics. A host of new websites advertising everything from pagan rituals to training in black magic and the occult have sprung up in recent years and the Catholic church is hoping to fight fire with holy water. In Milan, seven new exorcists have been certified for service. In Florence, five new exorcists now take appointments ... cists.html

So how can pope modernise catholic church, whilst at the same time supporting this kind of bollocks?

Modernising, right.... :coffee: