Posted: Mar 03, 2010 7:53 pm
by Guy McNally
Crazed Jebuz Sales Brochure wrote:Evangelize weddings and funerals---say a prayer for everyone, share the Gospel, give an altar

Gawd help the asshole who ever tries to pull this shit in any wedding or funeral I attend, unless it's their wedding or funeral. :lol: No matter how enthusiastic I was for any cause, I would not make a hobby of getting in people's faces about it. It's why I'm not an activist, or in sales, I guess. My secret hope when I see stuff like this is that it actually gets more, not less, obnoxious, to the extent of causing an official backlash, similar to the Do Not Call registry in the U.S. I don't know whether this stuff happens in my area or not. I have no kids, so I don't know if these nut jobs are trying these recruiting tactics on school sports teams or at events. I don't have relatives in nursing homes, either. If I get wind of it happening, however, I would be quite happy to attend school board meetings, or go directly to nursing home admins and their regulating agencies. Aggressive door-to-door marketing of any kind should not allowed inside care facilities or schools, nor should any religious organization be allowed to encroach on taxpayer-funded school events. I would be mad as hell to find out that my kid's coach allowed some freak to pass out god forms.